Year-end & consolidated
finan­cial statements

Annu­al finan­cial state­ment / con­so­li­da­ted finan­cial state­ment audits accor­ding to Ger­man and inter­na­tio­nal accoun­ting prin­ci­ples (IFRS)

During a year-end audit or con­so­li­da­ted finan­cial state­ments audit, the inde­pen­dent audi­tor exami­nes the annu­al finan­cial state­ment that was lawful­ly crea­ted based on the legal size or the legal form of the com­pa­ny. The audi­tor ensu­res that all legal norms are adhe­red to, that the book­kee­ping con­forms to all legal obli­ga­ti­ons and that all artic­les of part­ner­ship or char­ters are rightful­ly cre­di­ted. The audi­tor then pro­vi­des eit­her an unqua­li­fied or a qua­li­fied auditor’s opi­ni­on. An inde­pen­dent audit ensu­res that the audi­ted com­pa­ny adhe­red to all legal accoun­ting regu­la­ti­ons. All midd­le-sized and big cor­po­ra­te enti­ties are requi­red to have their annu­al finan­cial state­ments audi­ted by an inde­pen­dent audi­tor. Com­pa­nies that are not lawful­ly requi­red to enlist an audi­tor nevert­hel­ess often have their finan­cial state­ments audi­ted, eit­her becau­se of their artic­les of part­ner­ship or becau­se a cre­di­tor insti­tu­te obli­ges them to.

We pro­vi­de year-end and con­so­li­da­ted finan­cial state­ments audits based on Ger­man and also on Inter­na­tio­nal accoun­ting regu­la­ti­ons (espe­ci­al­ly IFRS).

We spe­cia­li­ze in the­se indus­tri­al branches:

  • Mining indus­tries and mining suppliers
  • Rene­wa­ble energies
  • Mecha­ni­cal engineering
  • Housing indus­try
  • Food indus­try

Our teams are com­po­sed of our own and also free­lan­ce assistants who pos­sess a high edu­ca­tio­nal level. It is our prin­ci­ple that the cer­ti­fied public accoun­tant is over­see­ing the who­le audi­ting pro­cess per­so­nal­ly on loca­ti­on or is sub­sti­tu­ted only by pro­found­ly expe­ri­en­ced assistants. The com­po­si­ti­on of the­se teams varies only rare­ly over the years.